Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cake Pops - FAIL!

I found this blog called Bakerella. She has AMAZING stuff on her site. And she gives directions on how to make them all. So I was searching around and found these Hello Kitty cake pops! So of course I HAD to try them! I documented my journey through the experience...

NOTE: This is totally a reflection on MY baking/decorating abilities and NOT on the directions or the site from which I found the directions!!

So here is where I mixed the frosting with the cake crumbs. I just used a box cake mix and some store bought frosting. So far, so good.
I started shaping the HK heads... still seem to be on track.
I even found a "model" to be sure the head was the right shape!
I was able to get the heads on the sticks and started to put ears on them (I did freeze the cake heads in between some of these steps.)
Aaaannnndddd casualty strikes! The first head gets speared.
After more freezing, I attempted to cover the heads with melted chocolate... Another casualty.
I ended up with a plate full of casualties (the picture below was just the start). Some just started sliding down the stick, some broke off in the chocolate, some of the ears got lost in the chocolate... etc., etc., etc.
These are the heads that I ended up with. I kind of gave up trying to cover them with chocolate at this point.
These are the 3 kitties that I actually put the embellishments on. I wasn't able to get the food coloring pen to work after I did half a HK face, so she only has whiskers on half her face.
I put them in little bags to try and dress them up a little, and hide all the lumps, bumps, holes, etc.
Even with all the trauma, they still tasted really good! I really doubt that I'll be making these again. I MIGHT try something simpler, like just a ball. But I learned a lot making them... like I'm too impatient to be making things like this!
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  1. Well... the ones that you were able to wrap up came out cute!!! Very ambitious of you to try this, but I probably would've too. I think I'll stick to paper and leave the baking to others.