Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mariko Pop-up Card

I know I have been MIA for a super long time.  Things are so busy with the day job that I barely even knew about Hurricane Sandy or the election – not good!!  I am hoping that things will get better in the next week or two as I will be getting more help (yay!). 

I was able to make this birthday card for my friend’s daughter, and I even got it to her on time!  This is Mariko from Sister Stamps.  This is what the card looks like when it is “closed” (sorry for the glare from the flash). 


And here it is when you pull the tab to “open” the card.  I really like these pop-up cards.  They aren’t too hard to make but they are really fun.  I always add some slits to the slider piece so that I can include some money or a gift card.


Thanks for stopping by (and for sticking with me while I get through this crazy busy time at work)!

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