Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dinosaurs in Seattle

I'm a couple of days behind with posting my pictures... On Sunday we went into Seattle to see the show "Walking with Dinosaurs". It wasn't exactly what we were expecting, but it was still a fun date for us, and it was a beautiful day in Seattle.
They had life-sized dinosaurs. If you look under the green spiky thing (which was supposed to be a tree) you can see the real man, he's sitting on the top of the boulder. That gives you the scale of the dinosaurs.
You can see the man here too. That T-Rex was HUGE!
When we got home, it was still sunny out (which was a surprise because it was supposed to be raining) so we decided to redo our planters on the front porch. The tulips we had there were all dead.
We also bought some tomato plants. This is Greg going a little crazy with the supports. He said he's not done yet - he's going to add the horizontal pieces later. I'm a little scared.
I hope we get some good tomatoes!
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