Monday, August 10, 2009

Favors for Stella's Tea Party

My co-worker's 6 year old daughter is having a tea party with her friends. I had made Stella a Composition book and she loved it so much, that when my co-worker asked me for help with the favors for the tea party, of course we decided on Hello Kitty again! She's having 5 of her friends over and since it will be right before school starts, we decided some school supplies would be perfect.
I made each of them a composition book with their names.
And a matching crayon box. I cased the pattern from Kari over at The Stampin' Grounds. I just altered mine a bit so that they would hold 24 crayons instead of just 16. I think these came out sooo cute!
(Just noticed that one of her whiskers is kind of off... I need to go fix that!)
And I made each of the girls a purse.
I think the girls will love these!
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  1. super cute and can't go wrong with HK

  2. OMG so cute! Gonna lift the crayon box! Thanks for the inspiration and link!!!