Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whistler, BC - Day 2

On Saturday we rode up the Blackcomb lift to the top. We took the Peak 2 Peak over to the Whistler side for lunch.
Then we took this other lift called the Peak Express to a higher part of Whistler.
It was really steep and parts of it got kind of scary.
We got to the top okay. There's a trail that you can take to hike back down to the lower lifts, so we did that. It wasn't too bad since it was all down hill.
People were building the little Olympics man all over the place.
We made it back to the bottom and took the Peak 2 Peak back over to Blackcomb for the 3rd and last time.
On our way down the Blackcomb lift, we saw 3 bears - it was so cool! We had met a lady the day before who said that her guide told her that you can sometimes see bears. We didn't see any that day, but we were so luck to catch these as they strolled across the path. (You can enlarge this picture by clicking on it.)
A shot of the Village.
More pictures of those crazy bikers.

Another great day!
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