Wednesday, October 14, 2009

National Zoo

We hadn't planed on going to the zoo, it was on the "maybe" list, if we had time. But one day the Metro got stopped because of some problems at another station. We were just a couple of blocks from the zoo, so we got off and headed there for the morning.

Here are some bald eagles.
Some chimps swinging around and playing.
The elephants were showing off some of their tricks for us.
These are sister lions establishing dominance. One of the zoo people said that they had just reached the mating age.
The zoo had a baby gorilla earlier this year, but she wasn't out when we were there. We got to see this one having a snack.
And of course the Pandas!
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  1. The photos are Awesome!!!
    Here i got a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roommate won't put it down!!!
    Flor (