Monday, July 13, 2009

STP and traffic

My husband participated in the Seattle to Portland (STP) this weekend. He rode his bike from Seattle to Portland in 2 days. Crazy, I know!
He stopped in Chehalis, WA. This is the start of the second day. There was thunder and lightning and rain for the first 2 hours of his ride.
He made it to the finish line in Portland! Whooo Hooo! This was his first year and he trained really hard for it. He felt great at the end.
The real pain started when we were driving home from Portland. The traffic was horrible! I drove the first half, then he took over after a gas stop. These are some pictures I took while we were stuck.
Not sure what these people were doing on the side of the freeway?!?
We saw a lot of cars with bikes - all the other STPers going home too.
Tacoma Dome. The weather also started to get rainy and cold.
Mini Cooper hanging off the side of the dealership's building.
It was a really busy weekend. Not to mention that my parents were in town last week too!
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