Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Glutton for punishment

Yes, that is me... glutton for punishment. After I made the HK pops (from bakerella), I didn't want to make the cake pops again. BUT my girlfriend asked me to make the favors for her baby shower and she asked for the cake pops. The whole stick part doesn't really work out for me, so I told her I would do cake pops without the stick.

So I thought I would make one milk and one white chocolate. Here are all my cake balls ready for coating.

The milk chocolate didn't come out very good, and the white seemed plain, so I added blue sprinkles (her shower colors were blue and brown). These were kind of the reject ones.
And here's the work in progress. Decided to go with the white chocolate with blue sprinkles, since the milk didn't come out so good - they were all lumpy. The sprinkles didn't really want to stick to the white chocolate either. You can't tell from the pictures, but there's lot of white spots where the chocolate dried/cooled before I could get the sprinkles on.I made little tags that kind of matched her invitations and used the blue and brown colors. And I found some ribbon that says "It's a boy".
Here they are.. bags of "blue balls"!!!....OMG! Didn't even realize it till after I finished them all that I made "blue balls" for favors! Of course that's the first thing that someone said at the party - "blue balls!"
*sigh* I just don't think I was meant to make these.
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